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3 dates:7/8, 9/9

How to Get Started with Alpacas-- 7.8.17

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  • 11 am
  • Coffee and materials included.

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Welcome to "How To Get Started with Alpacas"!
I wish there had been a class like this when I got started in 2000! There are things to discover, about the business, about alpacas, and about how you fit into the Big Picture.
This class is designed for those whose "Inner Rancher" is trying to emerge. You might
-have lots of questions
-wonder where the money is
-love animals
-want to live in the country and need something to do there
-want to escape the Rat Race
-love fiber and are looking for a way to make a business out of it
-want to know how to set up your business entity

If any of those scenarios describe you, then come to our class and we'll fill you in on all the basic information. It's a fun class, and we'll have some coffee for you.

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