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Learn to Spin-Drop Spindle ~ June 3

Price: $75.00

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Order by Phone: 805-907-5162 (Cindy Cell)

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  • Saturday, June 3
  • 9 AM to Noon
  • $75 per person
  • All materials provided

Product Description

Spinning is one of the most ancient of arts. As long as there has been clothing that is sewn or knitted there has been someone spinning. Fun, practical, and one of those meditative activities that helps integrate the hemispheres of your brain!

Spinning alpaca is one of the most pleasant activities there is due to its fine, soft feel in your fingers. Alpaca can be spun thick or thin or both, dyed any color you like, and then made into something you can wear with pride or give as gift.

Drop Spindles and Alpaca Roving provided.